3rd Party International Taxation Services

International taxation services - focused on Americans, Canadians, and Europeans considering or currently living, working or retiring overseas. You will find 2 providers below - contact them and reference "FRA/Gordon T Long" for applicable discounts.

Do you need help with FATCA Compliance?

Will your offshore LLC in your U.S. IRA work, is it setup correctly?

Do you need assistance with tax planning for retirement?

Are you thinking about retiring overseas?

Do you need a second citizenship?

Do you need help with filing your returns if you are living, working or retiring overseas?

In today's environment of financial repression characterized by increasing levels and types of taxation, wealth confiscation, bank bailins, capital controls, restrictions on international capital flows and enormous legal risks for non- compliance, you need professional assistance to address these risks.

FATCA is going global with GATCA (OECD AEOI) - you may want to know what this means for you .. perhaps also your company is doing business with U.S. entities or U.S. Persons, how can you make sure you don't get 30% of your payments withheld by the U.S. when your U.S. partner attempts to pay you via international wire transfer? .. or maybe you are not aware that you are a U.S. Person and you need to file returns with the U.S. - or maybe you just found out that you are a U.S. Person but have not been filing returns with the U.S. .. or perhaps you would like to explore options of alternative citizenships - contact us to discuss your situation. We work with the "best-of-breed" firms, accountants and lawyers in the industry and can pinpoint the best approach or solution for your situation.

3rd Party Providers of International Taxation Services

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